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The relic is located in Yen Tho Ward, at the Northeast of Dong Trieu Town, 54 km away from Halong City

The Mount Yen Lang – old time called Yen Linh mountain, in Dong Trieu District, Hai Yen province. According to the common people, in the Nguyen Dynasty, people in the region went for collecting wood, it was very cold so people fired wood for heat. Fire caught the black stones, burned them red. The people brought up and reported the situation to the Vicar general Ton That Bat. By realizing the people losing their crops, suffering from hunger, leading tough lives, he made petitions to the Minh Mang King for permission to exploit coal in the Yen Linh mountain. On December 29th 1939, Minh Mang King made edicts approving the coal mining on the Yen Linh mountain for the coal mine workers. Since then, this became the place of coal supply for the dynasty for coinage, and weapons production.Remnant today of the pagoda is a mine temple. On the way to the temple, visitors will see a stone tower carving the edict of Minh Menh Emperor, confirming this is the place where the first coal mining in Vietnam took place.


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