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Under the old history, in this place, there were communal temple and pagoda. The Ho Lao communal temple before belonged to the Ho Lao commune, Me Son district, Dong Trieu District, Kinh Mon. The temple was constructed quite early, but original documents on the temple construction were lost, only remained some stone steles of the Nguyen Time recording the restorations of the temple in 1864 of the Tu Duc time. In the Duy Tan time, the temple was continued to be restored and extended, carved the statue of Cuu Long Sakyamuni in Newborn to worship in the pagoda.In the pre-rising in-arms, the Ho Lao pagoda and communal temple were the military training bases for the revolutionary forces. In the afternoon of 08/06/1945, a meeting held for announcement of establishment of the 4th Strategic War Zone (Tran Hung Dao war zone) and the Revolutionary Military Committee managed by Mr. Nguyen Binh, Tran Cung and Hai Thanh. Currently, the Ho Lao historical and cultural Relics including of the memorial stone steles house and the Ho Lao Pagoda, locating on a large and flat mound, right at the first end of the Ho Lao village, Tan Viet commune have been ranked as the national level Historical Relics by the Culture - Information Ministry on 07/12/2001.


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