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Le Chan Temple –the shrine temple for the talented woman warrior, who seized the country's independence under the Hai Ba Trung (Two Sisters), in spring of year 40. She was also honored as tutelary god of Hai Phong for her contribution to the establishement of Hai Tan district the forerunner of today's city of Hai Phong.Born on February 8, 18, in Ven village, An Bien, Dong Trieu town today. Under the draconian rules of Northern feudal, She soon norished her hatred for the enemy. At failure of forcinng her to become a concubine, To Dinh sought ways to kill her parents. Le Chan left her hometown for An Duong (Hai Phong today) where She set up manorial, recruited soldiers. When the Two Sisters raised revolutionary flags, Le Chan quickly become the main army force and won resounding victories. The country gained independence,She was ordained as Thanh Chan Princess. When she passed away, local people established a shrine temple for her in Ven village.In the temple, there are now still many preserved valuable artifacts with high art values including the statues of General Le Chan, woman warriors, bronze bell, horisontal lacquered board, parallel sentences, king throne ...Annually, An Bien Temple holds three major festival days in comenmoration of the talented woman general, on 8th February (her birthday), 15th August (victory day) and 25th December(her death day).
In 2006, An Bien temple was listed as cultural historical relic by Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee. 

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