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Trung Tiet pagoda (Trung Tiet Buddist Temple) is often called the Tuyet Pagoda is in Nghia Hung hamlet, An Sinh Commune, 2km northeast of An Sinh temple.

Trung Tiet Pagoda was constructed by Le Trung and Dang Tao early 14th century when they moved to live and to look after the King Tran Anh Tong’s tomb in An Sinh.When the King Tran Nghe Tong visited the tombs in An Sinh, he commemorated the loyalty with grateful appreciation of the piety and virtue of Le Chung and Dang Tao, the King decided to restore the pagoda and named it Trung Tiet Pagoda (Trung means piety, Tiet means virtue).

Over time, Trung Tiet pagoda of the Tran dynasty only remnant in the ground. The current pagoda was constructed under the Nguyen Dynasty. The pagoda include the Triratna shrine for Buddha worship, on the two sides are shrines for worship King Tran Anh Tong and Dang Tao and Le Chung.
In 2012, Trung Tiet pagoda has been recognized by Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee as historical and cultural relic, the pagoda now is situated in the Tran Dynasty national special historical relic complex.


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