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The Non Dong Pagoda is also known as Tuong Quang Pagoda (i.e the pagoda brings lucky light)


The pagoda is located at the eastern slopes of a mountain, next to a road to the Mao Khe coal mine. The Pagoda was built since 1285. Under the Tran time, the Non Dong Pagoda was the monasteries where Truc Lam Yen Tu Buddhist law was transmitted by the Non Dong Vuong Tue Nhan. Before the 1930s, the pagoda was the place where Mr. Nguyen Van Cu and revolutionary soldiers regularly held meetings for giving directions and leadership to workers and local people to perform proletarianization movement, towards establishing the first Communist Party cell in the mine area.

Non Dong Pagoda still retains many inscriptions, ancient towers and is the place of pilgrimage, worship of numerous Buddhist monks and nuns and tourists from everywhere. Ngày 27 và 28 âm lịch hàng năm là lễ hội chùa với các nghi thức tế lễ và các trò chơi dân gian, liên hoan văn nghệ các khu phố trên địa bàn . Lunar annually on 27th and 28th, pagoda festival is organized with the liturgy and folk games with singing festivals arranged on streets in the town area.


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