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Salangidae is one of the famous specialties of Dong Trieu.Salangidaeseason coincides with rag worm’sseason, which is around September, October on lunar calendar. Among dishes fromSalangidae, the sour soup is the most delicious dish. After onion is fried properly in hot pan of fat, add sliced tomatoes and cook it to tender. Then add an enough amount of water into the pot, let it boil before adding ginger thread, sliced pineapple, sour fruit, pepper andtomatoes. Let the juice boil again before adding fish. While the juice is boiling, skim off the foam. When the fish is well done, add onion and dill of 3cm lengths, the soup is ready for hot serve in big bowl with black pepper on the top.

The fish soursoup has the yellow of tomatoes, green of vegetables and spices and the aroma of pepper, onions, dill. When being served, the nice taste of the fish meat is mixed with the gentle sour taste of the juice. In the season of this fish, tourists can enjoy Salangidaesour soup at the restaurants in town. For self-preparation, raw fish can be purchased at Quang NinhOCOP Center in Vinh Hong, Mao Khe ward, Dong Trieu town.

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