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Sticky rice is vastly cultivated in the communes of Yen Duc, Hong Phong, Hoang Que and Nguyen Hue in Dong Trieu town. Dong Trieu’s sticky rice grain is slender, glazed, firm, milky colour, when it is cooked, the grains of rice turn milky, shiny, glutinous, soft but dry, not being crushed. The cooked sticky rice has nice aroma, moreish taste. Dong Trieu people often use this yellow flowerssticky rice in traditional Tet festivals for making cakes, steamed sticky rice and premium confectionery products.

Tourists can either buy the yellow flowers sticky riceat Quang NinhOCOP (One Commune One Product) Center which is located in Vinh Hong area, Mao Khe ward, Dong Trieu town, or enjoy the dishes made from sticky yellow flowers rice which is served at Yen Duc tourism village in Yen Duc Commune, Dong Trieu town.


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