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Holothurians cake is a specialty of residents in intertidal area of Cam River, Dong Trieu Town, normally available at the end of September, early October of lunar calendar. For a good Holothurians cake, one should select the fresh holothurians which are alive, reddish or pink color. Clean the holothurians under running water tap, get drained. Put them in a pot, hold about four chopsticks together to stir until milky white and pinkish color slurry. Add chicken eggs, chopped pork meat, sliced mandarin peel, pepper, seasoning, onions, lolot pepper leaves, spicy taste. Put a pan on stove with oil, heat the oil and pour each spoon of mixture in the pan for deep fry. When ready cooked, the Holothurians cake turns yellow, with sweet aroma, crunchy outer shell but not dry, is used to eat as it is alone or together with noodle, to by the specialties for Dong Trieu people to offer the guests in its season.
Dong Trieu holothurians are sold in the Quang Ninh OCOP Centre, located in Vinh Hong area, Mao Khe Ward, Dong Trieu Town. In the holothurians season, visitors can enjoy this delicious Holothurians cake in restaurants, hotels of Dong Trieu Town.

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