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The festival takes place from January 16th to 18th of annual Lunar Calendar in the Temple of Forefather in Don Son Village, Yen Duc Commune.

Don Son village festival honors the Tutelary God and 8 top progenitors of 5 families. They were: Pham Phuc Son, Nguyen Phuc Nho, Trinh Quang Vu, Pham Phuc Hoa, Doan Phuc Ngo, Nguyen Phuc Huynh, Ngo Dinh Hoi and Pham Phuc Nang.

Each year, at the end of the festival, the village nominated three families: One family took the tasks of being on duty at the Temple for Forefather, taking care of lights and incensing in every 1st and the full moon days, in Tet and holidays in the year and prepared with a pig of 70 – 80 kg as worship offering in the village festival; the remaining two families prepared tables of fruits for worshiping the Tutelary God and the progenitors during the festival.
The festival includes procession, opening ceremony, rituals and festival with traditional games such as blindfolded catching goats, swinging, banging pots, etc...

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