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  Ngoc Thanh Assembly Hall was built when the Tran dynasty was at the end of their period of prosperity. This pagoda is located in the southeast slopeof Ngoc Thanh mountain, Dam Thuy hamlet. Under the Tran, it was beautiful landscape of Eastern origin with multi floor facilities leaning on mountain, hiding under shade of the ancient pine trees. This is also where King Tran Thuan Tong was forced by Ho Quy Ly to become a monk and was driven suicide.

      Ngoc Thanh Assembly Hall gradually became desolate, crumbling under the Le dynasty. Until 17th century, along with the revival of Buddhism, Taoism and folk beliefs, Ngoc Thanh Assembly Hall had been step by step restored and transformed into a pagoda with a separate space for the Buddhist shrine.
Ngoc Thanh Assembly Hall, Pagoda now is in Dam Thuyhamlet, Thuy An Ward, approximately 4.5 kilometers west of Dong Trieu Township Centre.

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